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Our Coaches

Head Coach Traci McNeil

Head Coach Traci McNeil has spent her lifetime engaged in swimming as both sport and recreation. Her life prior to a successful English Channel Crossing in 1994 was spent swimming competitively at prominent programs throughout the country. From Pine Crest Prep School in Florida to Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, her exposure to elite coaches and her hard work afforded her collegiate level swimming at American University, Washington D.C. Her reprieve from the black line on the bottom of the pool was found at a renowned open water swimming camp in Northern Canada. It was there that the ‘bug’ for open water swimming took hold as she ventured daily into the cold, dark, and vast space of the Ontario, Canada lake systems.

Today Coach Traci works with all abilities and age groups from ‘learn-to-swim’ to elite tri-athletes. Across the spectrum, athletes and recreational swimmers benefit from her knowledge, experience, and passion for improvement centered, focused swimming. She carefully assesses the areas of needed improvement and develops an instruction plan that is in alignment with her clients’ specific goals. Beyond developing efficient stroke mechanics, Coach Traci strives to foster an internal experience that awakens a joy for swimming as a sustainable and life-long journey!

Our Goals

Our goal at Crossing Currents Aquatics is to provide the essential resources for swimming confidence, improvement, and enjoyment! Whatever your age or ability, there is a CCA program tailored to help you reach your competitive or recreation goals. Our passionate team of coaches instruct from a proven approach of biomechanics where energy is saved, struggle is eliminated, and swimming goals of any proportion become attainable!

Our Coaches

Our coaches have transformed non-swimmers into enthusiasts, fearful sprint triathletes into Ironmen, and neck clinging children into joyful ring divers! We believe swimming is so much more than a life-saving skill, but a life-giving practice that can be enjoyed forever! Whatever your personal goal is, Crossing Currents Aquatics will help you achieve it.